Prey vs. Predator

Prey vs. Predator

Friday, March 21, 2014 by Mike Ferrer Game

The first game built by a school on 3DHive, Prey vs. Predator was developed by Canberra Primary School for the teaching and learning of a Primary 5 science lesson on adaptation. The aim of the game is to deepen students' understanding of the concept of "adaptation" in the natural world through puposeful play. Players can choose their own avatars which could be a predator such as the lion, cheetah or hyena, or prey such as a zebra, moose or deer. Players are told to complete the game by achieving certain objectives. 

For the prey, the objective is to collect a certain amount of grass for food. For the predator it is to kill a certain number of animals for prey. The group that reaches their objective first will be the winner. The lesson takes place over three sessions. At each session, students are guided with self-discovery towards gaining understanding on the concept of adaptation. Now it is also being adapted for a Primary 4 science lesson on Living Communities by removing the predators and focusing instead on the group of behaviours of animals. 

(Source: Originally published in The EdVantage Series; Using play as pedagogy to engender engaged learning at Canberra Primary School, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, 2013)

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